The 18th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies
Achieving Sustainability Through Water Technology

LET 2023: Achieving Sustainability Through Water Technology

18th IWA LET programme now available

IWA is pleased to announce that the 2023 LET programme, built around the theme of achieving sustainability through water technology, is now available! This edition of the conference features trending themes that highlight the magnitude of the opportunities for improvement and innovation in the water sector. These span process innovation and sustainability for clean water production, including desalination and industrial use, through to climate-smart and circular economy approaches for treatment of used water. We invite you to discover the rich programme and join us in Daegu!

Note: programme details are subject to changes closer to the event date.

Programme Overview

Workshop: The Changing Landscape of Technology Development

This workshop addresses how technology development and implementation is changing with new emphasis on sustainability, energy, and resource recovery.

Welcome & Introduction by: Jonathan Clement, Ramboll, The Netherlands

Panel Perspectives — panellists will discuss perspectives on what in their opinion are the biggest problems and potential solutions:

  • Ana Soares, Cranfield University, United Kingdom
  • Jorg Drewes, Technical University Munich, Germany
  • Mark van Loosdrecht, TU Delft, The Netherlands
  • Morton Rebsdorf, Aarhus Vand A|S, Denmark
  • Shan Junhong, PUB, Singapore
  • Shane Snyder, NEWRI, Singapore
  • Jiwon Park, CAMBI, Korea

Welcome Addresses

The Tuesday programme will commence at 9:00 am with a welcome address by:

  • Seungkwan Hong, Organising Committee Chair
  • Ana Soares & Jonathan Clement, Programme Committee Co-chairs
  • Tom Mollenkopf, IWA President
  • Joon-pyo Hong, Mayor of Daegu
  • Seon Jai Baik, Executive Director of K-eco

Plenary Keynote Session

The plenary session will feature multiple inspiring keynotes from leading voices and thought leaders. All the keynote speakers are the top specialists and most prominent figures within the water sector and beyond.

Jonathan Clement, Ramboll:
Looking Back and Creating a Vision for a Better Future

Jaehong Kim, Yale School of Engineering and Applied Sciences:
Membrane-confined Heterogeneous Advanced Oxidation

Nikolay Voutchkov, Enowa Water Innovation Center:
Brine Mining – A New Frontier in Sustainable Desalination and Water Reuse

Miriam Otoo, Tetra Tech:
Scaling Circular Economy Innovations for Sustainable Water and Sanitation Management: A Global Perspective

Dr Samuel Chui J.P., Hong Kong SAR Environmental Protection Department:
Hong Kong’s Experience in Using Sewage Virus Surveillance for Real-time Case Estimation and Interactive Covid-19 Pandemic Control

Xiaodi Hao, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture:
China’s Actions in Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Urban Water Sector

Zhiyong Jason Ren, Princeton University:
What it Takes to Decarbonise and Valorise the Wastewater Sector

For more information, please see the LET 2023 Plenary Keynote Speakers

Conference Technical Sessions

Wastewater Track

Technical Session: Monitoring and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Session Keynote: Morten Rebsdorf, Aarhus Vand A|S:
Nitrous Oxide Formation And Emission From Activated Sludge Plants In Europe And Australia

Milla Sieranen, Aalto University:
Long-term Off-gas Monitoring Supported By Microbial Community Studies To Understand Nitrous Oxide Emissions

Alessio Fenu, Aquafin:
The Impact Of Carbon Sources On The Nitrous Oxide Emissions Of Wastewater Utilities

Session Keynote: Kaili Li, The University of Queensland:
Long-term Direct GHG Monitoring From A Full-scale Australian WWTP Demonstrated The Upstream Carbon Capture Can Stimulate GHG Emissions

Akihiko Terada, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology:
Organic carbon species selects predominant N2O-reducing bacteria: The insights from biokinetics and genomics of canonical denitrifying bacteria

Gerardo Ortiz Vanegas, Jeonbuk National University:
Monitoring Of Organic Compounds And Greenhouse Gases During Cold Plasma (CP) Treatment On Leachate

Poster Pitches:

Runda Du, Tohoku University:
Alkalinity Demand And Successful PH Control By CO2 Removal For Stable Treatment Of Municipal Wastewater Using Anaerobic Membrane Bio-reactor

Technical Session: Energy-positive wastewater technologies

Session Keynote: Michelle Young, Carollo Engineers, Inc.:
Design And Operational Lessons Learned From Low DO And Suboxic Nutrient Removal Process Operation In North America

Samuel Reifsnyder, Carollo Engineers, Inc.:
Recovery Of Pure Oxygen To Promote The Cost-Effective Production Of Green Hydrogen In WRRFs

Dario R. Shaw, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST):
Electro-anammox: A Novel Anaerobic Process For The Oxidation Of Ammonium With Recovery Of Energy From Wastewater As Hydrogen In Microbial Electrolysis Cell

Session Keynote: Julian Sandino, Jacobs
Advanced Sludge Processing: Emerging Technologies and Energy Implications

Feixiang Zan, Huazhong University of Science and Technology:
Long-term Effects Of Sulphite Pre-treatment On The Continuous Anaerobic Sludge Digester For Improving Methane Production And Volatile Solid Reduction: Towards Sustainable Sludge Treatment

Magray Owaes Hassan, Institute for Water & Wastewater Technology:
Considering the External and Intrinsic Application of Sulfide Dosing for the Establishment of Partial Nitrification

Poster Pitches:

Nick Burnett, NEOM:
NEOM: Through Innovation, Developing A Global Leading Biosolids Strategy To Deliver The Greatest Benefits To The Environment

Gwangmin Kim, INHA University:
An Effective Electro-dialysis For Recovering And Concentrating Ammonia From Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Liuying Song, Tohoku University:
LCFAs Accumulation and Degradation in the Methanogenic Treatment of Lipid-rich Diary Wastes Using High-solid AnMBR

Water Track

Technical Session: Sustainability

Session Keynote: Laura Ferrandez-Galceran, University of Girona:
Developing Of Predictive Fuzzy Logic Model In A Drinking Water Treatment Plant For Controlling Ozone Dosing Rate

Erik Kraaijeveld, Delft University of Technology:
Reducing Chemical Demand For Drinking Water Treatment: Coupling Electrochemical As(III) Oxidation To E-softening

Eric Santos-Clotas, CETAQUA:
Towards a More Sustainable Water Treatment And Reuse Through Brines Valorisation

Session Keynote: Christoph Schwaller, Ramboll:
Breathing a New Life into a Legacy Treatment Process

Marek Svab, Dekonta, a.s.:
Micropollutants Removal From Filtered Raw River Water In Artificial Infiltration|quaternary Sediments-based Waterworks

Naason Velasco, Maynilad Water Services, Inc.:
Benchmarking Study For Water Reuse: Activities For Process Design And Social Acceptability

Edmundo Jr Llagas, Maynilad Water Services, Inc.:
Addressing Metro Manila’s Future Water Supply Shortage Through Potable Water Reuse: The NEW WATER

Poster Pitches:

Md Tashdedul Haque, Kongju National University:
Current Groundwater Arsenic Pollution Problems And Potential Treatment Options In Bangladesh

Arinao Murei, Tswane University of Technology:
Awareness of Rural Communities on Faecal Contamination of Water Sources Using Sanitary Risk and Hydrogen Sulphide Test

Pongsak Noophan, Kasetsart University:
Nitrogen Removal Efficacies of Landfill Leachates Treatment by Using Partial Nitritation and Anammox Processes Both Laboratory and Full Scales

Conference Technical Sessions

Wastewater Track

Technical Session: Emerging innovative wastewater technologies

Session Keynote: Hannah Molitor, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign:
Intensive Microalgal Cultivation for Nutrient Removal and Recovery from Municipal Wastewater: Characterisation of the EcoRecover Process

Victor Perez, University of Valladolid:
Start-up and Operation of the Largest Anaerobic Photobioreactors in the World Using Purple Phototrophic Bacteria for Low-cost Wastewater Treatment

Stefan Herrmann, RWTH Aachen University:
Hybrid Ozonation With Photocatalytic Ceramic Membranes For Degradation Of Micro-pollutants

Session Keynote: Thomas Prot, Wetsus:
Vivianite as a Novel Strategy for Phosphorus Recovery: Latest Developments, Bottlenecks, and Future Perspectives

Zhetai Hu, The University of Queensland:
Integrated Urban Water Management by Coupling Iron Salt Production And Application With Biogas Upgrading

Eunkyung Jang, USP Technologies:
Recovery of Nutrients from Biosolids Using Intensified Anaerobic Treatment under Alkaline Condition

Poster Pitches:

Sudhakar Viswanathan, 374Water Inc.:
A Quantitative Review of PFAS Elimination Rates in Domestic Wastewater Sludge Using Supercritical Water Oxidation

Phillip Majeke, Water Research Commission:
Towards Circular Economy — Traction of Innovative Sanitation Technologies in the Sanitation Value Chain in South Africa

Cheikh Fall, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM) :
Further Insights into Aerobic Granular Sludge Microbiome and Performance

Technical Session: Sustainable green technologies 

Session Keynote: Mario Jr Rebosura, The University of Queensland:
Waste to Resource: Circular Economy Approach Towards the Effective Re-use of Iron-rich Drinking Water Sludge in the Urban Water System

Yalin Li, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign:
Quantitative Sustainable Design and Decision-Making for Sanitation and Resource Recovery Technologies-Open-Source Tools and Applications

Tali Harif, 374Water:
Destruction of Spent Media from PFAS Treatment Applications Using Supercritical Water Oxidation

Session Keynote: Linjie Zhou, The University of Queensland:
Simultaneously Biogas Upgrading and Value-added Chemical Production in a Membrane Biofilm Reactor

Victory Fiifi Dsane, Tomorrow Water:
Quenching Big-Data’s Thirst: A Novel Water Recycling Strategy for Datacentre Cooling & Community Reuse

Jiwon Park, Cambi Korea:
Innovative Thermal Hydrolysis Process as a Game Changer for Compact and Efficient Sludge Treatment at Anyang Bakdal WWTP

Poster Pitches:

Hyeseon Choi, Kongju National University:
Enhancing the Ecological Value of Constructed Wetlands Through a Comprehensive Efficiency Evaluation Method

Minsu Jeon, Kongju National University:
Utilisation of Long-term Monitoring Data in the Development of a Deep Learning Model for a Rain Garden

Nash Jett Reyes, Kongju National University:
Characteristics and Water Quality Benefits of Riparian Buffer Zones in Yongdam Watershed, South Korea

Water Track

Technical Session: Innovations in Desalination

Session Keynote: Ho Kyong Shon, University of Technology Sydney:
Desalination and Resource Recovery Using Membrane Capacitive Deionisation

Enyu Liu, NUS Environmental Research Institute:
Cost-Effectiveness of Using Electro-Coagulation for Seawater Desalination Pre-Treatment

Jungbin Kim, Korea University:
Application of Advanced Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Technologies for Carbon Neutralisation in Water Production

Session Keynote: Ratul Das, ACWA Power:
RO-TRACK: Predictive Analytics for Monitoring and Diagnostic of Large-scale Desalination Plants

Abayomi Alayande, Korea University:
Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Using Advanced Oxidation As A Pre-treatment Method

Ratul Das, ACWA Power:
Performance Model For Reverse Osmosis

Poster Pitches:

Jane Mithamo, Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company LTD:
Assessing The Impact Of ICT In Operation Optimisation In Water Service Utility Companies

Ruey-An Doong, National Tsinghua University:
Enhanced Asymmetric Capacitive Deionisation Using Fe-MOF|rGO And GQDs@PANI|rGO Nanocomposites As Electrode Materials

Jaegyu Shim, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST):
Automation Of Membrane Capacitive Deionization Process Using Real-time Control System

Technical Session: Emerging Innovative Technologies

Session Keynote: Kwang-Ho Choo, Kyuonpook National University:
The Cutting-Edge of Electrochemical Membrane Technology for Wastewater Treatment

Javad Ahmadi, Technical University of Munich:
Ceramic Ultrafiltration Membrane Operation in Water Reuse Applications Using Secondary Effluent

Ropru Rangsivek, BAUM:
Trihalomethanes in Drinking Water: Causes, Occurrences, Prediction and Control Using H2O2|UV + BAC Processes

Session Keynote: Euna Kim, University of Southern California:
Characterisation of Nitrogenous Disinfection By-product Precursors in Wastewater by Chemical Derivatisation

Pablo Ledezma, The University of Queensland:
Retrofitting of an Electrochlorination System for the Sustainable Provision of Safe Drinking Water in Regional and Remote Communities in Australia

Mengyan Li, New Jersey Institute of Technology:
Effective Removal of Water Contaminants of Emerging Concern by Biologically Active Filters

Poster Pitches:

Jiuk Kwon, Korea University:
The Fate of Low Molecular Weight Organic Matter in the Ultrapure Water System: Mechanism Identification and Performance Evaluation of RO-VUV

Lan Hee Kim, Korea University:
Establishment of Wastewater-based SARS-CoV-2 Monitoring System in South Korea Over the Past Two Years

On 2 June the Technical Tour will take place. To find out more about them please see here.

Poster Presentations


Automating Algae Classification Using Deep Learning by StyleGAN2-ADA-augmented Images of Rare Freshwater Algae  
Chan, Wang Hin; Fung, Benjamin Siu Bong; Tsang, Danny Hin Kwok; Lo, Irene Man Chi (Hong Kong SARy)


Alkalinity Demand and Successful PH Control by CO2 Removal for Stable Treatment of Municipal Wastewater Using Anaerobic Membrane Bio-reactor 
Li, Yu-You; Du, Runda (Japan) 


Awareness of Rural Communities on Faecal Contamination of Water Sources Using Sanitary Risk and Hydrogen Sulphide Test 
Murei, Arinao (South Africa) 


Biopolymer Recovered from Excess Aerobic Granular Sludge Used as Flame Retardant Filler for Plastics in the Building Material 
Lin, Yuemei (The Netherlands) 


Current Groundwater Arsenic Pollution Problems and Potential Treatment Options in Bangladesh 
Haque, Md Tashdedul (Korea) 


Nitrogen Removal Efficacies of Landfill Leachates Treatment by Using Partial Nitritation and Anammox Processes Both Laboratory and Full Scales 
Noophan, Pongsak; Jaturongkach, Tanapon; Wantawin, Chalermraj (Thailand) 


Considering the External and Intrinsic Application of Sulfide Dosing for the Establishment of Partial Nitrification 
Magray, Hassan Owaes (South Africa) 


Energy trade-offs in design decisions of a novel anaerobic system for onsite treatment of industrial wastewaters
Zhang, Xinyi; Rai, Saumitra; Song, Ian; Gutenberger, Gretchen; Ajayi, Olutooni; Wright, Natasha; Arnold, William; Novak, Paige; Guest, Jeremy (United States)


High-rate Activated Sludge at Very Short SRT: Key Factors for Process Stability and Performance of COD Fractions Removal 
Cabrera Codony, Alba; Monclus, Hector; Poch, Manel (Spain) 


Integrated Dark Fermentation-microbial Electrosynthesis System for Enhanced Wastewater Treatment and Energy Recovery 
Tabish, Md; Minji, Park; Min, Booki (Korea) 


LCFAs Accumulation and Degradation in the Methanogenic Treatment of Lipid-rich Diary Wastes Using High-solid AnMBR 
Song, Liuying; Li, Yu-You (Japan)


Managing Key Players to Effectively Use In-Plant Biodegradable Carbon Through a Robust Fermentation Platform 
Sathyamoorthy, Sandeep; Cecconi, Francesca (United States) 


Mechanical Scouring of Media to Control Membrane Fouling in a Submerged Hollow-fiber Membrane Reactor for Synthetic Greywater Filtration 
Alam, Md Kawser; Kim, Jeonghwan (Korea) 


NEOM: Through Innovation, Developing a Global Leading Biosolids Strategy to Deliver the Greatest Benefits to the Environment 
Burnett, Nick; Lancaster, Rick (Saudi Arabia) 


Preparation of Graphitized Porous Carbides by Low-temperature Catalysis and its Application in Fermentation Detection 
Chen, Yu-Hsin; Lin, Chin-Jung; Lin, Zhi- Yi; Huang, Yi-Shan (Chinese Taipei) 


Reinforced Amine-rich Pressure Retarded Osmosis Membrane for Efficient Ammonia Recovery and Robust Energy Production 
Viet Nguyen, Duc; Wu, Di (Korea) 


Sustainable Biohydrogen Production in Microbial Electrosynthesis System Using Iron-sulfide Complex Nanomaterials 
Qing, Bu; Noori, MD Tabish; Booki, Min (Korea) 


Towards Energy Neutrality: Novel Wastewater Treatment Incorporating Acidophilic Ammonia Oxidation 
Zheng, Min (Australia) 


Use Of Fluidized Agent with a Conductive Surface in Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Treating Greywater  
Kim, Minseok; Choi, Changwoo; Cho, Eunho; Kim, Jeonghwan (Korea) 


Automation of Membrane Capacitive Deionization Process Using Real-time Control System  
Shim, Jaegyu; Lee, Su-In; Yoon, Nakyung; Hwa Cho, Kyung (Korea) 


Application of Alternating Current for Electrically Conductive Membrane (ECM) for Inorganic Scaling Mitigation of Membrane Distillation (MD) 
Kim, Junghyun; Shon, Hokyong; Hong, Seungkwan (Korea) 


Effect of the Natural Organic Matter Fouling on The Membrane of Seawater Battery Desalination System 
Kim, Su Kyoung; Hwa Cho, Kyung (Korea) 


Enhanced Asymmetric Capacitive Deionization Using Fe-MOF/rGO and GQDs@PANI/rGO Nanocomposites as Electrode Materials

Doong, Ruey-An; Nguyen, Thi Kim Anh (Chinese Taipei) 


Graphene Oxides Obtained from Waste Batteries for Solar Desalination  
Chen, Jing-Ting; Lin, Sin-Yi; Lin, Zhi-Yi; Lin, Chin-Jung (Chinese Taipei) 


A Quantitative Review of PFAS Elimination Rates in Domestic Wastewater Sludge Using Supercritical Water Oxidation 
Viswanathan, Sudhakar; Deshusses, Marc A; Harif, Tali; Hatler, Doug; Nagar, Kobe (United States) 


Activated Carbons for Acetaminophen Removal and Regeneration by Photo-Fenton Oxidation  
Lin, Sin-Yi; Chen, Jing-Ting; Chen, Yu-Hsin; Lin, Chin-Jung (Chinese Taipei) 


Activation of Persulphate by a Waste Derived MIL-53(Fe)@Fe3O4 photocatalysts for Effective Degradation of Salicylic Acid 
Priyadarshini, Monali; Ahmad, Azhan; Ghangrekar, Makarand (India) 


Adsorption of Green Fluorescent Protein-marked E. Coli on Activated Sludge Flocks 
Ishizaki, Shota; Ishizuka, Yusuke; Higuchi, Kosuke; Oshiki, Mamoru; Nakaya, Yuki; Satoh, Hisashi (Japan) 


Aerosol Synthesis of Graphene-Fe3O4 Composites and Electrodes for Applications in the Electro-Fenton Process 
Lin, Zhi-Yi; Lin, Chin-Jung; Ko, Pin-Jung; Chen, Yu-Hsin (Chinese Taipei)


Applications of Supersaturated Oxygenation Technology to Biological Wastewater Treatment 
Kim, Sang Yeob; Brdjanovic, Damir; Garcia, Hector (Korea) 


Analysis of Unamplified 16S RRNA Of Ammonia-oxidizing Bacteria in Activated Sludge by Spectrophotometry Using Gold Nanoprobes 
Satoh, Hisashi; Nakajima, Meri; Nakaya, Yuki (Japan) 


Assessing the impact of ICT in operation optimisation in water service utility companies

Mithamo, Jane; Supeyo, Charity (Kenya)


Battery Waste Derived Magnetic Fe-Mn-Zn/C Composite as an Electro-Fenton Like Catalyst for the Degradation of Sodium Dodecyl Surfactant 
Ahmad, Azhan; Priyadarshini, Monali; Ghangrekar, Makarand; Surampalli, Rao (India) 


Biosorption of Aqueous Pb(II) by a Metabolically Inactive Battery Recycling Plant Consortium: The Role of Paraclostridium Bifermentans 
Kpai, Patrick; Chirwa, Evans; Brink, Hendrik (South Africa) 


Bioactive Anti-biofouling Membranes with the Immobilization of Live Quorum-Quenching Bacteria 
Shah, Syed Salman Ali; Park, Hyeona; Lee, Kibaek; Choo, Kwang-Ho (Korea) 


Biochar Enhanced the Resilience of Anammox to NO2-/NH4+ Fluctuation by Triggering Nitrate Reduction 
Li, Qian; Fu, Jingwei; Li, Yu-You (China) 


Challenges and Solutions: Pioneer Implementation of Nutrient Removal Processes for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facilities in Metro Manila 
Manrique, Angelica Euara (Philippines) 


Comparative Study on Degradation of Carbamazepine by Ultraviolet Activated Hydrogen Peroxide and Persulfate 
Rongkui, Su (China) 


Degradation of an Insecticide Carbaryl by UV|Cl Process and Identification of its Degradation Pathway 
Choi, Ayoung; Kim, Jungyeon; Kim, Gwangmin; Lee, Haesung; Han, Changseok (Korea) 


Degradation of Phenol and Selected Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs) by Catalytic Wet Peroxide Oxidation (CWPO) and Photo-Assisted Fenton (PHF) Under Circumneutral PH Aad Visible-light Irradiation 
Galeano, Luis Alejandro; Vallejo, Carlos-Andre; García, Ana-Maria; Hidalgo-Troya, Arsenio; Hidalgo, Andres-Fernando; Paredes, Manuela-Alejandra; Burbano, Evelyn-Alejandra (Colombia) 


Demonstration of a Multiple Resource Recovery Wastewater Treatment Plant 
Soares, Ana (United Kingdom) 


Development of a Phototrophic-Mixotrophic Process Model (PM2) and a Process Simulator for Microalgae-Based Wastewater Treatment 
Kim, Ga-Yeong; Molitor, Hannah; Zhang, Xinyi; Li, Yalin; Avila, Nickolas; Shoener, Brian; Schramm, Stephanie; Snowling, Spencer; Bradley, Ian; Pinto, Ameet; Guest, Jeremy (United States) 


Development of Polypyrrole-coated Carbon Electrode for Ammonia Sensor in Aqueous Environmental Samples  
Park, Minji; Noori, MD Tabish; Min, Booki (Korea) 


Diatomite-based Sandwich-like Membrane for Simultaneous Removal of Dye|heavy Metals from Synthetic Wastewater 
Abouelanwar, Ali; Jongmin, Oh; Lee, Songbok; Kim, Youngjin (Korea) 


Digital Transformation for Water Trunk Mains Location 
Sirithum, Panyawat (Thailand) 


Effect of Functional Microbes Outcompeting NOB in Mainstream Nitritation-anammox Systems 
Jung, Jinyoung; Yun, Wonsang; Choi, Daehee (Korea) 


Effect of Operational Conditions on the Performance of Photocatalytic Membrane Process by Response Surface Methodology Analysis 
Jang, Hoseok; Lee, Chang Soo; Kim, Jong Hak; Kim, Jeonghwan (Korea) 


Effective Removal of Tetracycline by Carbon Quantum Dots-based Nanocomposites Under Visible Light 
Choi, Nayoon; Park, Yuri; Hwang, Yuhoon (Korea) 


Effects of Sustained and Transient Organic Matter Stress on Upflow Granular Anammox Process Treating Low-strength Wastewater 
Lee, Changsoo; Choi, Hyungmin; Kim, Jinsu; Park, Jihun (Korea) 


Efficient Removal of Per- and Poly- Fluoroalkyl Substances by a Novel Sorbent from Sugarcane Waste: Synthesis and Optimisation 
Canabal, Eliza; Pikaar, Ilje; Amiralian, Nasim; Braeunig, Jennifer; Jensen, Paul (Australia) 


Electrochemical Membrane Filtration: An Innovative Strategy for Greywater Treatment 
Dash, Smrutiranjan; Kim, Minseok; Heo, Taewoong; Kim, Jeonghwan (Korea) 


Elucidating Prioritized Factor for Mainstream Partial Nitritation Between C|N Ratio and Dissolved Oxygen 
Choi, Daehee; Yun, Wonsang; Jung, Jinyoung (Korea) 


Energy Efficient Phototropic Wastewater Treatment for Reuse  
Sedghi, Mahshid; Fagan, John (Portugal) 


Demonstration of a multiple resource recovery wastewater treatment plant

Soares, Ana (United Kingdom)

P54 A

Further Insights into Aerobic Granular Sludge Microbiome and Performance 
Fall, Cheikh; Rosas-Echeverría, Karen; Romero-Camacho, Mayra Paola; Gutiérrez-Segura, Edith Erielia; Salinas-Tapia, Humberto (Mexico) 

P54 B

ID of emerging COVID-19 variants in wastewater within hours

Wong, Ka Ming; Lau, YK; To, CK; Soyunjov, Alshir; Wang, Xizhu; Tsang, Cheuk Nam, Gary; Thoe, Wai Anthony; Chui, Ho Kwong Samuel; Ye, Bin (Hong Kong SAR)


Ionic Liquid-based Adsorbents for Treating Dimethylsilanediol in Wastewater on the International Space Station 
Abbas, Tauqeer; Marti, Erica; Gilani, Mazhar; Khan, Eakalak (United States) 


Innovative Solutions to Minimize Brine Discharges in the Mining & Metallurgy Industry 
Vilar, Alejandro; Echevarria, Carlos; Parga, Reyes; Ferrero, Guillermo (Spain) 


Magnetic Fe3O4@CaAl-NO3 Layered Double Hydroxide Obtained from Al-containing Wastewater and its Application for F- Ions Removal 
You, Jun Yang; Lin, Chin Jung (Chinese Taipei) 


Mechanistic Insights of Haloform Formation During Greywater Reuse Via Chlorination of Isotopically Labelled Parabens 
Schammel, Marella; Yao, Xinle; Reber, Keith; Sivey, John; McCurry, Daniel (United States) 


MWCNT-COOH Decorated PES Membranes for Dye Wastewater Treatment Applications 
Boose, Paulomi; Jang, Hoseok; Kang, Sinu; Kim, Jeonghwan (Korea) 


Nitrogen Loading Ratios Influences Microbial Community Composition of Anammox Reactors 
White, Christian; Antell, Edmund; Lawrence, Jennifer; Keren, Ray; Alvarez-Cohen, Lisa (United States) 


No Carbon, Some Worries. Partial Nitritation and Nitrous Oxide Production: Solving for Two Peas in Pod 
Sathyamoorthy, Sandeep; Redmond, Eric (United States) 


Outcomes of Demonstrating NEWgenerator Recycle Toilet System in an Informal Settlement in South Africa 
Majeke, Phillip; Akinsete, Akin (South Africa)  


Removal of an Enveloped Virus (HCoV-OC43) in Simulated Water Treatment by Polymeric and Ceramic Membranes 
Marques dos Santos, Mauricius; Li, Caixia; Jemain, Muhammad Hasif; Yuen, Jie Wei; Snyder, Shane (Singapore) 


Removal of Anionic Organic Dyes Using Aminated Covalent Organic Polymer 
Park, Jooeun; Kim, Soyeon; Kim, Tae-Hyun; Park, Yuri; Hwang, Yuhoon (Korea) 


Removal of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Wastewater Sludge by Ozonation 
Park, Kyoungsoo; Wang, Jiaxing; Nishimura, Fumitake (Japan) 


Removal of Glyphosate from Water Through Adsorption onto Goethite Nanoparticles 
Doyle, Sean; Fowley, Colin; Garvey, Mary (Ireland) 


Smart Management of Cold Plasma for the Energy-effective Control of Dissolved Organic Matter Using Machine Learning and Big Data 
Lee, Yeon-A; Kim, Hyun-Woo (Korea) 


Synergistic Feammox-anammox Niche in Microgranules Treating Low-strength Wastewater 
Hui, Xu; Yan, Zhou (Singapore) 


The Media is the Message: New Primary Treatment Process Based on Synthetic Media Biofiltration Allows for a More Sustainable and Resilient Alternative to CEPT in a Retrofittable Package 
Liberzon, Jon; Rhu, Daewhan; Magruder, Matt; Downing, Leon; Daigger, Glen (United States) 


Towards Circular Economy -- Traction of Innovative Sanitation Technologies in the Sanitation Value Chain in South Africa 
Majeke, Phillip; Akinsete, Akin (South Africa) 


Treatment of Food Processing Industries Wastewater Using a Novel Fuller's Earth Clay-based Tubular Ceramic Membrane 
Raja, Vinoth Kumar; Sringari, S Sahana (India) 


Untapping the Potential of Cell-based Bioassays in Drinking Water Treatment Designs: A Swedish Example  
Yu, Maria; Lavonen, Elin; Oskarsson, Agneta; Lundqvist, Johan (Sweden) 


Using High-Nitrate Industrial Wastewater to Displace Oxygen Consumption in a Modified Wuhrmann Process 
Vaccari, David; Brown, Jeanette (United States)


Waste to Profits: Exploring Energy and Resource Recovery Potentials from Waste Paunch Using Advanced Feedstock Pre-treatment and Anaerobic Technologies 
Rebosura, Mario Jr; Jensen, Paul; Bai, Lisa (Australia)


An Advanced Biomass Production Potential Assay for Different Water Types Using Automated Flow Cytometry 
Duong, Huyen; Min, Youn Hong; Maeng, Sung Kyu (Korea) 


Black TiO2 Photoelectrochemical Oxidation (PECO) and Flow-Electrode CDI (FCDI) for Simultaneous Water Reuse and Desalination 
Lim, Jihun; Hong, Seungkwan (Korea) 

P76 A

Effective treatment of 1,4-dioxane in wastewater via the bioaugmentation of Azoarcus sp. DD4

Ki, Dongwon; Hart, Steven; Torres, Cesar (United States)

P76 B

Exploring a short-circuit mode of bioelectrochemical H2O2 production system

Li, Mengyan (United States)


Evaluating the Effects of UV and NaClO as an Advanced Oxidation Process in Surface Water in a DWTP of Catalonia 
Ferràndez-Galceran, Laura; Cabrera-Codony, Alba; Valentí, Meritxell; Martin, Maria José; Agustí, Pere; Carrasco, Marina; Monclús, Hèctor (Spain) 


Fabrication of Ceramic Membranes from Natural Materials  
Alsubei, Mohammed; Campos, Luiza; Reid, Barry; Coppens, Marc-Olivier; Aljlil, Saad (United Kingdom) 


Establishment of Wastewater-based SARS-CoV-2 Monitoring System in South Korea Over the Past Two Years 
Kim, Lan Hee; Mikolaityte, Viktorija; Kim, Sungpyo (Korea) 


Optimising Membrane Synthesis Approach to Enhance Pharmaceutical Rejection by UF Nanoengineered GO-ZnO/PES Membranes 
Mahlangu, Oranso; Mamba, Bhekie (outh Africa) 


Oxidation of Trace Aqueous Aldehydes with Dissolved Oxygen and a Platinum Catalyst 
McCurry, Daniel; Kim, Euna (United States) 


Production of Membrane Cleaning Fluids from Reverse Osmosis Concentrate to Achieve Zero-chemical-input Process Water Production 
De Paepe, Jolien; Sabbe, Max; De Wilde, Fabian; Delgado Béjar, Adrian; Rabaey, Korneel (Belgium) 


Removal of Chlorophyll a in a Pilot Scale Electrocoagulation-flotation System for Water Treatment 
Carissimi, Elvis; Holz Bracher, Gustavo; Graepin, Cristiane (Brazil) 


Removal of MC-LR in Lake Water Using Dissolved Air Flotation and UV-based Advanced Oxidation Process 
Seo, YoungGyo; Park, Yuri; Hwang, Yuhoon (Korea) 


Removal of Soluble Iron (II) and Manganese (II) from Natural Water by Peroxymonosulfate Assisted Oxidation Process  
Hua, Lap-Cuong; Huang, Chihpin (Chinese Taipei) 


The Development of Transparent Polypropylene Jerrycans for Solar Disinfection (SODIS) of Drinking Water 
O'Dowd, Kris; Pillai, Suresh; Oller, Isabel; Polo-López, María Inmaculada, García-Gil, Ángela, Marugán, Javier; Gómez-Couso, Hipólito; Marasini, Ramesh; McGuigan, Kevin G (Ireland) 


The Fate of Low Molecular Weight Organic Matter in the Ultrapure Water System: Mechanism Identification and Performance Evaluation of RO-VUV 
Kwon, Jiuk; Kang, Yonghwan; Hong, Seungkwan (Korea) 


Assessment of Recycled and Manufactured Adsorptive Materials for Phosphate Removal from Municipal Wastewater 
Bell, Natasha; Brink, Shannon; Drummond, Deja (United States) 


Characteristics and Water Quality Benefits of Riparian Buffer Zones in Yongdam Watershed, South Korea 
Reyes, Nash Jett; Geronimo, Franz Kevin; Guerra, Heidi; Choi, Hyeseon; Jeon, Minsu; Kim, Lee-Hyung (Korea) 


Blue Water Factories in China: The Future of Wastewater Treatment 
Hao, Xiaodi (China) 


Development of a Protocol for Household Greywater Treatment Using Biochar and Moringa Oleifera Seeds Proteins  
Kozyatnyk, Ivan; Njenga, Mary (Sweden) 


Enhancing the Ecological Value of Constructed Wetlands Through a Comprehensive Efficiency Evaluation Method 
Choi, Hyeseon; Jeon, Minsu; Jett, Reyes Nash; Kim, Leehyung (Korea) 


Improved Secondary Sludge Anaerobic Digestion by Alkaline-thermal Pretreatment  
Kim, Sang-Hyoun; Park, Jungsu (Korea) 


Insights into Biogas Transformation in a Methanotroph-microalgae Coculture Regulated by Iron and Nitrogen 
Zhang, BaoRui; Cai, Chen; Zhou, Yan (Singapore) 


Integrating Water Life Cycle Through Construction of WWTP (Case Study in Jakarta, Indonesia) 
Rachmatama, Riesky; Priyambodo, Bambang; Azhar, Moh (Indonesia) 


Organic Matter Management for Stringent Industrial Wastewater Regulations in South Korea 
Kim, Sang Yeob; Maeng, Sung Kyu (Korea) 


Sewage Sludge for Sustainable Composting Technology Toward Green 
AlMuzaini, Saleh (Kuwait) 


Toward Higher Efficiency of Energy Production with a Pressure Retarded Osmosis Process Using Sea Water/high-salinity Water 
Lee, Jaewon; Kim, Jungbin; Hong, Seungkwan (Korea) 

P98 A 

Utilisation of long-term monitoring data in the development of a Deep Learning model for a rain garden

Jeon, Minsu; Choi, Hyeseon; Jett, Reyes Nash; Kim, Leehyung (Korea)


Wastewater Reclamation Using Green Technology 
Owako, Caroline (Kenya) 


Water Treatment Sludge Management and Reuse in Australia: Benefits and Challenges Towards the Circular Economy  
Nguyen, Minh Duc (Australia) 

Side Events*

* The delivery of the side events will be in Korean Language

Time 12:30 – 17:30 Room 322B | Sustainable Future Water Facility Management, K-water Contact:
Time 14:00 – 18:00 Room 323 | 2023 KSUW Spring Workshop, Korea Society of Ultrapure Water Contact:
Time 18:00 – 20:00 Room IB EXCO Hotel, Bluebell B | IWA-YWP Welcome Reception, IWA-YWP Korea Contact:

Time 09:00 – 12:00 Room 321B | Seminar on Carbon Neutrality Technologies in the Water Industry Sector, Korea University Contact:
Time 10:00 – 12:00 Room 322A | Seminar on Technology for Reducing Algal Blooms, Korea Environment Corporation Contact:,
Time 14:00 – 18:00 Room 321A | Certification & Verification Workshop KIWATEC Korea Institute For Water Technology Certification Contact:
Time 14:00 – 18:00 Room 321B | Revolutionizing Resource Recovery: Innovations in Upgrading Water Treatment Facilities, Ammonia Based Zero Carbon Energy Research Group Contact:
Time 14:00 – 16:00 Room 322A | Technical Forum on Water Industry Korea Environment Corporation Contact:,

Time 09:00-12:00 Room 322A | Transforming Today and Tomorrow: Revolutionary Technologies in the Water Industry Korean Society on Water Environment Contact:
Time 13:00 – 17:00 Room 322B | Daegu Water Industry Forum Kick-off Meeting Daegu Water Industry Forum Contact:

Time 09:00 – 18:00 Room 324 | The 15th International Desalination Workshop Korea Desalination Plants Association Contact:

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LET 2023 Topic Summary


Manufacturing process are water demanding and the water quality requirements for advanced facilities is very demanding. At the same time industry is faced with economic challenges and tightening regulations with regard to water use and waste generation. This has led to the rapid development and adoption of novel and advanced technologies.

For decades the water industry focused on technologies that can effectively remove contaminants and pathogens. While there are many treatment technologies that can achieve any desired water quality, there is now a shift toward achieving treatment objectives in a far more sustainable way. This means specifically toward carbon emissions, energy reductions, higher water recovery, resource recovery and reduction in chemical use.

With conventional inland sources being used to their maximum extent, seawater is becoming a major target source. Treatment of seawater is very challenging involving desalination (which is very energy intensive) and the pre-treatment step which is problematic due to the high algae content of seawater. One element that will be covered is mineral recovery. Technologies are continuously being developed to overcome these problems.

New scientific developments are leading to new water technologies that can achieve multiple objectives in a single step. These include new materials, novel membrane systems, catalytic membrane systems and ion exchange for removing organics.


The anthropogenic release of greenhouse gases (GHGs), has been demonstrated to be a major contributor to climate change, and like other industries, the water sector must reduce GHG emissions. This session will provide a better understanding on the quantification of GHG in wastewater related processes as well as strategies for reduction, mitigation, transformation and abatement towards achieving Net-Zero targets.

Increasing uncertainty on the energy market including supply, resilience, and costs are a big concern for the water sector, together with decarbonisation. Innovations on renewable energy and heat production in wastewater treatment plants are moving at a fast pace with significant developments in the water and sludge and gas lines. This session focuses on energy generation, recovery and balances from heat, electricity, hydrogen, ammonia, sludge, using innovative technologies in wastewater treatment plants.

Current pressures faced by the water industry have highlighted how innovation and the next generation of technologies can solve real problems whilst, meeting tight regulations but bringing added economic benefits by comparison to state of the art. The session addresses big questions on the innovative technology options for mainstream and sidestream, nutrient management, resource recovery all the way to persistent pollutants

The water industry is leading the way making sustainability pledges, to become greener, taking in consideration the local economy, society and the environment backdrop. New technological solutions are delivering reduced greenhouse emissions, benefits to the local communities and the environment. The session provides and overview of solutions for large and small WWTP and communities, including aspects on footprint, emissions, resource recovery, green walls, etc.

The IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies is designed to be the place for sharing the latest insights into how pioneering science, technological innovation and leading practices will shape the major transformation in water management that is underway.

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