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Water and wastewater technology innovations

Diana DArras

The IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies (LET) has built a world-class reputation as the forum for leading researchers to share and debate the pioneering science, technological innovation and leading practices that will provide solutions to water challenges, old and new. Those challenges are immense.

Fast growing cities, with rapidly expanding populations and industrial bases, are challenging the traditional model of large-scale centralised technology and infrastructure solutions; wastewater, the majority of which is discharged untreated into nature, presents a significant opportunity for building a circular, green economy; the increased presence of chemical micro-pollutants, including pharmaceuticals, pathogenic microorganisms and antibiotic resistant bacteria, threatens the quality of water around the globe.

LET, is the window into the potential of the water sector to innovate for a sustainable, water-wise future. LET is the place where individuals who share a passion and commitment to delivering technological innovation come to be inspired.

Diane d’Arras – Former President, International Water Association (2018-2020)

Past Editions

Reno (2022)

LET Reno cover

Edinburgh (2019)


Nanjing (2018)

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Florianopolis (2017)


Jerez de la Frontera (2016)


Hong Kong (2015)


Abu Dhabi (2014)


Bordeaux (2013)


Brisbane (2012)


Amsterdam (2011), Phoenix (2010), Singapore (2009), Zurich (2008), Singapore (2007), Sapporo (2005), Prague (2004), Noordwijk (2003)

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