Suez NWS

SUEZ NWS Limited (“SUEZ NWS”) is a joint venture between SUEZ and NWS Holdings Limited that encompasses four essential business segments – Water Management, Recycling and Waste Recovery, Water Infrastructure and Consultancy services in the Greater China region. With 8,000 employees and over 60 joint ventures with local partners, SUEZ NWS is helping authorities and industries develop innovative solutions to address climate change and sustainable resource management. It has built over 260 water and wastewater treatment plants in Greater China, supplying drinking water to 20 million people. It is a leading operator of waste management in Hong Kong and delivers its expertise in the management of environmental services to 11 industrial parks in Mainland China. It is a pioneer player of sustainable resource management in Greater China.

CSD Water Service Co., Ltd

CSD Water Service Co., Ltd is an innovative comprehensive environmental service provider who devotes to creating a safe, comfortable and sustainable environment. The company focuses on environmental service in small and medium-sized cities, and its business services include municipal wastewater treatment, treatment of industrial and industrial parks wastewater, residual sludge treatment and disposal, integrated environmental management, etc. The company is dedicated to both endogenous growth as well as extensive growth to constantly extend its business scope. CSD Water Service aims to construct an integrated urban-rural environmental value creating system and contribute to overall environmental development in small and medium-sized cities.


Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited (BEWG) is a comprehensive and leading professional water services and environmental protection services provider covering industrial investment, design, construction, operation, technical service and capital operation in full industrial chain. Its scope of business covers many fields such as water services in cities and towns, water services in river basins, industrial water services, rural water services, seawater desalination services, environmental sanitation, solid waste treatment, scientific and technical services, financial services and clean energy. It is a company listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (one of Red Chips, Stock Code: HK 00371), and has been selected in Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index of Chinese Stocks, in Hang Seng Main China 100 Index, in Hang Seng Composite Medium Index, and in Morgan Stanley Capital International Index. Meanwhile, it is one of the first batch of experimental companies of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

BEWG has consecutively ranked No.1 for eight years among “Top 10 Influential Enterprises of Chinese Water Industry”. At the Global Water Summit in 2014, BEWG was named one of the Top Four Global Water Service Companies. In 2016, its Changi NEWater Plant II in Singapore won the ward of the “Water Deal of the Year”, and the company was selected into the list of the Fortune China 500 companies. BEWG has also earned honors including “Listed Companies with Most Valuable Brand” and “Top Listed Companies with Social Responsibility”.



The International Water Hub (IWH) is located on the Singapore Nanjing Eco Hi-tech Island (SNEI), which is jointly promoted by the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Jiangsu Provincial Government and Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore. The SNEI project is a cooperation effort between the Singapore government and Nanjing Municipal Government.

IWH is developed by Sembcorp Industries and will be the first commercial building for water-related industries on the island. IWH is committed to creating an eco-system for the international water industry players in sharing and promoting R&D, technology and innovation, and is set to become the hub for providing water solutions to global communities.

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