LET 2021 Programme

Water-technology innovations for emerging challenges.

The 17th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies is designed to be the place where new ideas are introduced and the opportunity is provided to interact with the “best of the best”. This is the global conference where new insights into how pioneering science, technological innovation and leading practices shape the major transformation in water management that is underway.

Draft Programme

Technical sessions day one

Technical sessions day two



Stewart Sutherland, Scottish Water (United Kingdom) 


Many utilities are now implementing this on very intensive scale. As climate change water supply and quality are straining the ability of the utility to meet supply and quality criteria. Already across the globe utilities are working with complex programs to interpret climate data and there effect on water systems. This session will present information on how these systems work and bring benefit.


Ian Law, IBL Solutions (Australia) 

Shane Trussel, TrusselTech (United States) 

The standard technology for water recycling for drinking is being challenged. RO is often seen as the panacea, but there may be combinations of other treatments that world be sufficient to achieve acceptable and safe water quality. This session will explore new treatment scenarios for IPR and DPR.

Jorg Drewes, Technical University of Munich (Germany)

With growing water scarcity utilities are being driven to use alternative sources which have highly impaired water quality. In these surface waters and more in ground water better detection and more stringent regulations are forcing utilities to look for new technology solutions. This session will focus on emerging contaminants and the technologies for their removal.

Jonathan Clement, Nanostone Water Inc. (The Netherlands)

Desalination performance and reliability in the past 10 years has been limited until recently. Attention has focused on energy but more attention is on higher recoveries and reliability. Especially on improved pre-treatment. This session will focus on improved pre-treatment solutions and on improvements on recovery and reliability.


Mark van Loosdrecht, TU Delft (The Netherlands)
Beverly Stinson, AECOM (United States) 

The session focuses on novel concepts and processes that promote high effluent qualities and and resource recovery. Nutrient removal optimization continues to be an important challenge and much progress is being made or both organic and inorganic resource recovery. This session will also discuss the advance in the development of novel technologies such as anammox, granular sludge, membrane aerated biofilms, algae, ion exchange, absorbents etc.

Marta Carballa, Santiago de Compostela University (Spain) 

With the increased public concern related to pollution by emissions of microconstituents of effluents, water utilities have to evaluate the impact of these emissions. This session will address conversions in wastewater treatment plants and efficient technologies for the removal of these compounds.


Krishna Pagilla, University of Nevada (United States) 
Lydia Peri, Truckee Meadows Water Authority (United States) 

This session focuses on innovation in tertiary treatment processes with the aim to produce water for reuse in a range of applications. Treatment innovations for producing reclaimed water for potable reuse and discharge to sensitive ecosystems are desired topics. Field scale process developments to meet pathogen requirements, bulk and trace organic matter removal, and other formed organics and inorganics of concern will be discussed in this session.


Ana Soares, Cranfield University (United Kingdom)
Marc Deshusses, Duke University (United States)

This session focuses on complex and high strengths wastewater that require bespoke treatment technologies. The water industry is having to provide innovative technologies to treat steams such as industrial effluents, sludge liquors, black water and yellow water etc in both centralised and decentralised facilities.

Programme Committee

  • Jonathan Clement (Co-Chair) The Netherlands
  • Ana Soares (Co-Chair) United Kingdom
  • Mark van Loosdrecht The Netherlands
  • Ian Law Australia
  • Cheryl Davis United States
  • Shane Trussel United States
  • Marta Carballa Spain
  • Krishna Pagilla United States
  • Jorg Drewes Germany
  • Lydia Peri United States
  • Marc Deshusses United States
  • Stewart Sutherland United Kingdom

Important Dates

    • Extended Outline Paper Submission deadline 31th December 2019
    • Authors notification   February 2020
    • Registration open February 2020
    • Deadline for authors to register30 June 2020
    • Early Bird Registration deadline 30 September 2020
    • Submission deadline for delivery of full papers 22 February 2021


Showcase your company and solutions in front of over 400 water professionals.

The 17th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies offers participants new insights into the future of innovation in the water and sanitation sectors taking shape today. It provides an exceptional meeting place to interact with more than 400 renowned leading researchers, technologists and water managers from over 40 countries. For those who are proposing novel ideas and concepts, and those looking for solutions to bring them forward, this is the one conference of the year that should not be missed.

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